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About Us

The Grimes Reading Institute in Rockport, Massachusetts, was founded by Sally Grimes, Ed.M., with literacy programs designed to help students achieve higher reading skills. With courses designed primarily for Pre-K to Third grade levels, our program is also of benefit to older students who are struggling with reading and comprehension.

About The Grimes Reading Institute

The Grimes Reading Institute is one of three entities contracted to implement the Massachusetts Reading Professional Development Plan™. Sally Grimes served as a lead trainer for this and other grants, many of which are developed in conjunction with the Massachusetts Elementary Principal's Association™.

Sally Grimes, Ed.M.

About Sally Grimes, Ed.M.

Sally has provided consulting and professional development services educators and administrators for Pre-K through fourth grade for more than 15 years. Prior to this, she served as a teacher for Pre-Kindergarten through graduate school levels, and served as Landmark School's™ first admissions director. She has performed clinical diagnostic work, policy development, public service, and served on the local school board.

Educational Consulting

Sally had the pleasure of serving on the Governor's Commission on School Readiness™, and on the Massachusetts State Literacy Planning Team™. She was recently selected to be a trainer of trainers as part of a master cadre for the country's first early childhood dual language learner initiative that Massachusetts is launching in collaboration the Wisconsin-based WIDA™.

Educational Credentials

Sally Grimes was awarded a master's degree in reading and human development from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She earned a bachelor's degree in special education and elementary education in the honors program at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Tiers Not Tears

By taking into account the wide range of development and cognitive abilities of the average Pre-K student, the need to have a multi-tiered support system becomes readily apparent. Our program is designed to help:

• Elementary Principals
• Assistant Principals

• Teachers
• Early Childhood Educators

• Central Office Personnel

Workshop Development

Sally has created, hosted, and promoted many professional development workshops. Her workshops include topics such as these:

A Roadmap for Reading Initiatives
This seminar was designed to help administrators and educators in Williamstown, Massachusetts, develop lesson plans for dual language learners from pre-K to second grade.

"Tool Box" for Oral Language and Vocabulary Development
This workshop builds upon the findings of the National Early Literacy Panel (NELP)™. Its goal is to develop a viable curriculum, set of resources, interventions, and assessments for oral language and vocabulary for pre-K through third grade levels, in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

Summer LIteracy Courses
A Roadmap for Literacy Initiatives - Designed for Elementary Educators, Administrators, and Their Teams. (Designed To Assist With the Daunting Literacy Learning Curve)

A Toolbox for Teachers of Early Literacy - Where Is the Breakdown and What Can I do About It?

• Alphabetic Knowledge
• Phonemic Awareness
• Phonics

• Fluency
• Oral Language

• Vocabulary
• Comprehension