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At The Grimes Reading Institute in Rockport, Massachusetts, our passion and goal is that every child has the resources to improve reading skills at their highest ability. Our partners who utilize Sally Grimes' literacy programs and curriculum share success stories with us, which we are proud to share with you.

"Teaching is so much work. To expect every school and teacher to be continually up to date on their own is not even reasonable. A center such as this, to which teachers could commonly turn for quality support of reading research and practice is long overdue. The energy and commitment that Sally Grimes has devoted to teacher education is remarkable."
- Marilyn Adams, Ph.D. Brown University

"Sally Grimes is that rare person who has made a life-long commitment to improving children's ability to read and to changing educational practices. Her unique personality and talents in working with children, teachers, principals, and policy makers and her commitment to searching out methods based on research support, have enabled her to help others to change where such efforts have seemed doomed to failure."
- Edwin Martin, Ph.D. Former Assistant Secretary for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, U.S. Department of Education

"Without question, Sally Grimes and her professional development trainers are the best qualified reading experts in Massachusetts."
- Barbara Gardner, Former Associate Commissioner of School Readiness - Massachusetts Department of Education

"The programmatic assistance she (Sally Grimes and the Grimes Reading Institute) has provided to our curriculum administrators and principals in developing school and district-wide instructional strategies has been extremely well received."
- Joseph Gilbert, Ed. D., Director of Professional Development, Cape Cod Collaborative

Sally has an excellent grasp of the nature of literacy and student development. She is able to present her information in a way that is succinct and understood by all. I believe all principals should take advantage of these workshops by Sally Grimes.
- Jennella Porter ~ Principal, Studley Elementary (now retired)

Sally has worked tirelessly throughout her professional life to support students who struggle. She has done this through direct service to students as well as to the teachers and administrators to ensure that they are taught effectively. She has also supported countless parents who are often confused, frustrated, and who need information and encouragement when their children are not academically successful.

- Margie B. Gillis, Ed.D., President, Literacy How, Inc., Research Affiliate, Haskins Laboratories, Yale Univesity

Last August I attended a series of workshops presented by Sally Grimes. I was desperately trying to pass the Foundations of Reading test for the MA Licensure Exam. Even though I completed a Master’s Degree in Reading, I felt unprepared to teach reading. I needed to pass the test, but I also needed to feel good about my ability to teach reading to my students. Sally Grimes allowed me to meet both of these goals. I was able to pass the Foundations of Reading Test and now I feel confident about teaching English Language Arts. In short, this is what I gained from your institute:
• An understanding of the fundamental components of reading
• An opportunity to network and meet others who feel passionate about reading
• Ways to teach reading effectively, applying the knowledge in practical ways

Thanks so much, Sally
- Jackie Sedgwick, Teacher, Boston Public Schools

Fortunately, I had the opportunity of attending a training presented by Sally Grimes. I immediately scheduled her to provide RTI training for my staff. That was the beginning of a complete transformation of the program's approach to teaching literacy and reading skills. Sally's expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to supporting educators in their practice is most impressive. Working with Sally was a pleasure and I continue to appreciate her as a valuable resource.
- Janet Cox, Head Start; Worcester, Massachusetts

In all my work in Special Education, Title 1, and Curriculum Development, I never saw a presentation that provided such a clear overview of the complex arena of “language and literacy”….It was an amazing day!
- Maureen Bingham, Superintendent (now retired)

Sally’s emphasis on preparing principals and other administrators to effectively implement literacy programs fills a void.
- Judy Engelhard, Ed.D.